Beginner’s guide to online fishing games

There are various kinds of fishing games in online casino Malaysia that combine elements of video games. These games are sometimes called fish shooting games because you have to shoot the fish to win. At the beginning of the fishing game, you choose the basic bet. After that, you’ll have the option to choose between different weapons with higher damage and a multiplied stake.

In games of chance with fish, your goal is to shoot and catch the fish to get a pay-out. Even though the pay-out for each fish is generally fixed, the number of shots needed to kill it is not. To put it simple, the amount of money used to win is random. To kill a fish, a single shot may be enough, or you may have to shoot it for quite a while. The game starts with random fish moving across the screen. Then you can choose in which direction you want to fire your gun. The random nature of the fish table games comes from the number of bullets required to catch a fish. This makes them similar to online slot machines, but with an additional element that makes the action even more addictive.

How to get started

You can start your game in just a few minutes by following these steps:

  1. Find out about the best online casinos that offer fish games.
  2. Open a new account at the selected online casino.
  3. Make sure you try a free demo before playing with real money.
  4. Make a deposit and secure your welcome bonus.
  5. Show off your shooting skills to win big prizes!

How it works

Fishing games are not like most other games on the online mobile betting platform, but they are still very exciting. However, there are still betting elements that can bring big pay-outs. However, the game mechanics are quite unique and it can take a while to get used to them. 

Start the game and learn the controls

When you first start the fishing game, you will see a screen with fish species and a stake among them. Here you can select the basic level. After you choose your stake, the screen will show you different fish swimming through the water. On the screen you will see your current balance and the different weapons you have. Then you can shoot with the left mouse button or by pressing the space bar whenever you are ready.

Catch fish and get pay-outs

Every shot means a bet. Small fish become transparent when you switch to the big guns because they offer a lower pay-out. Then you do not have to worry about hitting the small fish and can focus on the bigger fish. Each fish has a fixed value and a health bar. The health bar of each fish drops by a random value when you hit it. Usually, bigger weapons consume more of the bar because they are more efficient. Sometimes you only need a few hits to catch a fish, other times you have to take a long time.

Tips for winning 

Set aside a high balance – You usually need a high balance to catch the bigger fish. Choose the stake where you can afford to shoot more often, not the higher stake. 

Pass on small fish – Smaller fish are easy to catch, but offer lower pay-outs. It’s not worth it because you’ll still end up betting more than you win. Instead of focusing on the really valuable fish, you may waste too much time on the small ones.

Know when to stop chasing your losses – To increase your chances of winning, you need to know when to stop chasing your losses. Some fish can be very stubborn and get stuck at very low HP. Try something else if you do not manage to catch the fish after a few tries. You will make the most money if you catch medium sized fish right away.

Take advantage of your special bonuses – The top rated online casinos usually pay special attention to online casino bonuses and promotions. Extra funds can make a big difference in your overall results. As your balance increases, you can place higher bets, catch rarer fish, and trigger more bonus rounds.

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