Best Online Fishing Games 2022

In fishing games, players get to experience the excitement of a shooter game combined with betting thrills. Also, it gives players a greater sense of control and rewards skills in a big way.

In the category of fishing games, we have found some interesting titles from online mobile betting platforms and online casino gaming websites, although the variety is not as great as in online slots games. These have similar mechanics, but each one features some unique elements. Here we present the best fishing games for 2022. Let us start right away with a brief overview of the best online fishing games you can bet on!

Fish Catch

Fish Catch by Realtime Gaming is by far the most popular option when it comes to online real money table games. The rare fish in Fish Catch appear randomly from time to time and move rather slowly. They require more shots, but they also have higher pay-outs. The prizes are awarded automatically when you catch fish. On the right side of Fish Catch are some special features in addition to the normal controls. Auto aim button allows you to aim at any fish on the screen. When you select Auto Fish, you can choose which species of fish you want to catch. In addition, Fish Catch has a bonus feature called Mermaid’s Luck that can be triggered randomly and offers a multiplier of up to 250x for the current bet. Fish Catch is easy to use and features fantastic graphics. The attention to detail allows players to enjoy the action for a long time.

Fishing Master

Fishing Master by Big Gaming starts with a choice of three levels. Then the player can shoot at various sea creatures and other elements in the game. Several Asian symbols are also included in this game
, such as a golden dragon and a golden frog. If you are lucky, you might even find the jackpot treasure and win the progressive prize. Make sure you choose the right bet size for your bankroll. We recommend starting small. You should have a large bankroll, as you may have to take several shots at one fish. Remember that each shot is a bet, so you should make each shot count.

Golden Dragon Game

Among the games offered at online casino Malaysia, Golden Dragon is one of the best table games with fish. Stunning animations and addictive gameplay make it a game worth trying. There are big fish, dragons and even a phoenix that offers a high pay-out. During the fishing games, you can experience a bonus round with an octopus. If you destroy its tentacles, you can win high prizes, but this is quite a difficult task. Another bonus feature is the multiplier wheel. Expect big explosions, a unique weapon system and an overall entertaining experience.

Fu Fish Dragon

In Fu Fish, players are transported to an underwater world where an octopus guards a progressive jackpot and colourful fish are ready to be shot! With no reels in sight, this exciting casino game from Skywind Group offers a whole new world of gaming for players. Instead, you must take control of the gun and shoot the fish to receive cash pay-outs. There are many special features in this game, including large multipliers, a bomb feature, a fishing season and a huge progressive jackpot with 3 levels that can make a player a millionaire. The bigger and more spectacular the fish is, the higher the possible pay-out when you kill it – the golden dragon fish is the top fish in this pond! The whole game has a Chinese flair with some oriental symbols lurking in the pay table next to the fishy characters.

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