Shoot And Win Under The Sea

Enjoy fish shooting games while betting on it. Fishing is an arcade game available in We1Win, join now to shoot the fishes and Dragons to win a fortune.

Shoot And Win Under The Sea

“Fishing” here is not the fishing term you thought, but kind of arcade games where players shoot at the objects and win the scores. These fishing game scenes are mainly based in the sea, players are equipped with weapons such as small guns, cannons and ammos, and target and shoot those animals and several characters.

If playing these fishing games online or in the video arcades could make you fun, why not experience the double pleasures by shooting while betting on it? If you are a good player in shooting games, this might be a chance where you can make a fortune with them too.

We1Win online betting platform provides the best experience of fishing online while betting, which is not often seen in other betting platforms. If you are bored of betting in online casinos, Poker, slot games or sports booking, why not come and try shooting action games while making some money.

Bigger Fish, Bigger Rewards

We1Win provides plenty of fishing games themes, layouts and playing methods, by collaborating with several vendors. Each subgame comes with different kinds of weapons, animals or characters, and different calculations of winning the odds.

In a common fishing game, the small fishes appear the most and easiest to shoot at, however they give the least credits. Some bigger or more precious animals appear rarely and randomly, which are tougher and harder to kill, but give more credits. There are also ‘’bosses’’ which are extremely hard to meet and defeat, but the rewards are generous.

Up To 500x Credits For Dragon King

For example, in the Dragon Fishing game of JDB Fish, players could earn credits from 2x to 10x by shooting the common fishes. Meanwhile, players could win 60x of credits for shooting the hammerhead sharks, 100x for dragons, 150x for the fairies, 175x for the dragonballs, 200x for the golden chests, 4500x for the King Crabs, and as much as 500x for the Dragon King!

In the fishing games, players should perform different tactics on different targets. For example, for those small fishes, players only need a small size of guns and bullets, and little amount of ammos. For the rare big fishes and dragons, players should prepare a big cannon with huge firepower and a lot of ammos. So, plan yourself for various targets in the games to win the bets effectively, to avoid wasting weapons and running out of ammos early in the game.

Aim Auto Or Manually

There are two types of shooting options, which are aiming automatically or manually. For those who are not skillful at targeting or not confident enough, they can choose the ‘’auto’’ options to let the system do the aiming job. However, choosing to aim and shoot manually are much funnier and more interesting, as players could decide which objects to aim in the scene, and shoot at the characters with more odds and rewards.

As a player who seeks exciting and challenging fishing games while betting on it, We1Win online betting platform is your best place to play fishing games online, which provides the trusted, secured, safe and comfortable betting environment, with 100% full payment.

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